Millennium Shipping Duisburg GmbH
Falkstr. 73 – 77
D-47058 Duisburg
Tel.: +49 203 34 68 95 21 / 22
Fax.: +49 203 34 68 95 24
Mobil: +49 173 30 35 024
Der Sitz der Gesellschaft ist: Duisburg, HRB 25574
Geschäftsführer: Paal Joergensen
Gerichtsstand: Duisburg

We operate exclusively in accordance with the latest version of the Allgemeinen Deutschen Spediteursbedingungen – ADSp – (German Forwarders General Terms and Conditions of Trading).
These limit in paragraph 23 ADSp the legal liability for damage to goods in the case of damage to goods whilst in the care of a forwarder to € 5/kg, in accordance with § 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB); in the case of multimodal transports, including sea transports to 2 SDR (special drawing rights)/kg plus , in adition, per damage or event to € 1 Million or € 2 Millions respectively, or
2 SDR/kg whichever is greater. The parties agree subsidiary,
that(1) paragraph 27 ADSp does neither extend the liability nor the responsibility of the forwarder for agents, servants, employees or crewmembers beyond legal regulations as Art. 507 HGB Art 25 MC, Art. 36 CIM, Art. 21 CMNI, § 660 HGB for the benefit of the principal,(2) the freight forwarder as a aea carrier is only liable for fault of his own part in case of risks provided in Art. 512 paragraph 2 no. 1 HGB such as default in navigation of the ship or fire on board and the freight forwarder as a carrier defined in CMNI is relieved ol liability in compliance with the requirements provided in Art. 25 paragraph 2 CMNI such as default in navigation of the ship, fire on board or defects of vessel.
For all other services provided the “General Terms and Conditions for Ship Brokers and Ship Agents in Germany” are applicable.
Place of Jurisdiction: Duisburg


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